Telecommunication plays an important role in bringing us close to our loved ones, managing our businesses and ensuring remote connectivity which would otherwise may take ages to reach. It enables businesses to communicate effectively with clients and deliver desired level of services Telecommunication is a key element in allowing employees to collaborate easily from wherever they are located, remote or local. VERCOS is a telecommunication agency, licensed by DOT. In our endeavor to reimagine infrastructure, we are engaged in upgradation of telecom space to 5G and also provide high speed internet services in a B2B model.


VERCOS provides high speed internet services to businesses in a B2B model. Our clients are government organizations and large corporate entities, requiring safe, secure and reliable internet connectivity, round the clock.


India has geared up to change the telecom space by leaps and bounds from 4G to 5G. VERCOS is enabling this change by upgrading the existing infrastructure for an accelerated change.

Web-based Applications

With a panache for innovation, VERCOS has forayed into application development for making a difference in the field of infrastructure. Our first public app shortly be launched on the applications store. Stay tuned for an update on this exciting development.